Pelican Introduces Travel Agent Reservation System

Feb 14, 2006
Pelican System introduces Travel Agent Reservation system after successfully bring in hotel to proficient way in managing reservation from Travel Agent and Corporate Clients.

The active participation of travel agents in Hospitality today is an undeniable fact, and an essential part of doing business. However, in an age of stiff competition and easy-access to all kinds of information, travel agencies must learn to cope with changing trends to improve service aimed toward reservation inquiries.

With numerous manual paper contracts with hotels, would you, as travel agent, like to keep you customer wait for another 2 – 3 days simply to confirm hotel room rate and availability? Would you care if your customer shops around other agencies to get rate and availability while waiting your confirmation – and you might lose that particular potential customer? Have you ever really calculate, to respond one inquiry, how much time consumed by your reservation staff to check on room rate and availability and labor cost, faxes and phone calls expenses?

Pelican Reservation system will bring forward travel agency to time and cost efficiency and perform better service. Travel agency shall grant its hotel suppliers access to an extranet system, where the room rate and availability load by hotel and travel agent staff will have the LATEST reliable room rate and allotment in real-time manner. Guest inquiry can be responded immediately without having them to wait or maybe shopping around to other competitors. Being able to respond guest inquiry with confirmed rate and allotment, is actually encourage sales opportunity, especially when Instant Confirmation indicates that the reservation is secured.

Instant confirmation on reservation, modification and cancellation activities that are automatically generated by the system will save a lot of paper work and cost of confirming via phone calls or faxes.

Extranet system brings time efficiency in updating room rate and allotment, and confirming it when reservation inquiry comes. Not only one reservation staff can have access to hotel supplier’s room rates and allotment, travel agency can assign unlimited user (staff). Every reservation staff will have the same information of hotel room rate and availability and, with ‘first-come-first-serve’ basis, no over-booking will occur.

MORE BENEFITS - Generate Reservation from Website

Website is one of front door that are widely use by travelers. In fact, travel purchase is one of the major contributors to online business. Thus, having a reservation system on the website shall encourage more reservations. And the best is, potential guest (website visitor) do self-service in making reservation. Hotel supplier’s rate and allotment information, instant confirmation that are available in the website shall produce low cost and optimal profit sales!!

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