Travel Agents Favor Hotels Providing Instant Reservation Confirmation
Feb 03, 2004
A recent survey of 400 retail travel agents from North America, Europe and Asia Pacific indicates that favorable room allotments - rather than low room rates - often determines which hotel a travel agent will recommend to a client. According to the survey conducted by the Pelican E-distribution System:
  • Agents tend to recommend hotels granting room allotments because they can confirm a client's reservation on the spot, eliminating the possibility that the client will contact a competing agent during the waiting period.
  • Competitive rates are also an important factor in today's travel industry, where room rate and other information is widely available to consumers. Special rates allow an agent to take a reasonable commission while offering clients a discount from a hotel's published rack rate.
  • Up to 70 % of business from wholesalers is generated by retail travel agents.
The survey also indicates that:
  • Leisure-market packages are easier to sell if they include amenities such as airport pick-up, breakfast, spa treatments and tours.
  • Booking lead times differ greatly according to market segment: ?Leisure travelers 1-12 months ?Business travelers 0-14 days ?Convention and Exhibition 3 - 60 days