Pelican Hotel E-distribution System helps hotels to regain control their room rate and room inventory ( allotment )

Dec 23, 2003
How to stop losing control over your room Rates and Allotment ?

After an extensive research and development, based on reliable information of reputable hoteliers, Hotelexchange Pte Ltd. developed a unique web application distribution software named "Pelican System - Hotel E-Distribution System". The demand for this system has come from hoteliers around the world because it will help hotel to regain control their room rates and room inventory.

The following are some of the problems that many hotel encountered, or they are not aware of:

  • Distributing "Last Minute" Rates to Travel Agents, Corporate Clients and Internet Users - Hotel changes it's room rates depending on seasonal periods or the market rates. This can be high number of changes in rates and done on daily basis. Hotel recognizes if they don't sell the room today they won't sell it tomorrow. Rate is an important factor for hotel to increase yield management. Unfortunately, hotel experiences problems when distributing new rates, due to the large numbers of travel agents, corporate clients, or Internet users. With Pelican this can be done instantly.
  • Losing Control Over Room Rates and Room Allotment - Any business outside GDS bookings require hotel to issue a manual written contract to travel agencies and/or corporate clients. In doing this, hotels might not realize that they are giving up some of their control over room rates and room inventory. Most contracts are valid between 6 to 12 months. Hotel must honor these rates until the contract expired. During high season hotels have no choice but to sell on low contracting rate. When giving room allotment hotel also lose control of that number of rooms allotted for that one client until the effective cut off date. This situation makes hotels lose control over their own rates and room allotment. With Pelican hotel may update their room rates and room allotment on anytime and effective immediately.
  • Distributing Room Allotment - Hotel has problems issuing room allotment to every agent, corporation, or Internet user manually. Room allotment contracted manually to an agent provides him with an edge over other non-contracted agents. Pelican System solves this problem by managing your room allotment better. Specific room allotment can be allotted to a specific group of agents/corporate clients and the same room allotment is then may be shared by up to hundreds or even thousands of agents/ corporate clients worldwide. This will maximize the allocation and provide equal opportunities to clients.
  • Distribution Cost - Pelican saves you distribution expenses. This program designed for hotel to provide better room rates and room allotment distribution, using Internet technology, which allow hotel to distribute rates and room inventory information globally. Pelican System is user friendly and dramatically increase the number of travel agents and/or corporate clients that a hotel can handle compared to the manual way. The more agents and/or corporate clients you have, the better outlook for your hotel occupancy.

Pelican System lets you deal directly with your own travel agents and/or corporate clients without the need of a middleman or unnecessary intermediaries. These are some of the advantages and benefits of utilizing Pelican System, a web-based Hotel Room Rates & Room Inventory E-distribution system. It provides hotel industry with new effective ways to distribute rates and inventories (allotments) to Travel Agents worldwide, Corporate Clients and the Internet User.

Pelican System gives you 100% rate control, instant information and confirmation.