Kamala Bay Terrace Resort's online contracting system shows encouraging results

May 11 , 2004
Kamala bay terrace resort in Phuket, Thailand has implemented Pelican system to offer online contracting to travel agents and corporate clients. Pelican's online contracting features allows the resort to manage confidential rate distribution to travel agents and corporate clients as well as enabling the resort to offer sizable allotments to agents of all sizes without surrendering control over room rates.

The new system allows travel agents to obtain instant confirmation of every booking made through the Kamala Bay Terrace Resort web site. The resort is able to maximize yield by managing room inventory based on rate category. Room allotments can be shared among client groups, giving equal opportunity for all travel agents and corporate clients regardless of size.

Though recently installed, the system is already showing positive results. "One new agent we approved for online contracting has become a top ten producer after only a few months". Said Jork Bosselaar, General Manager of the resort.

Now the resort is welcoming travel agents and corporate clients worldwide - large or small -- to experience for themselves the benefits of online contracting facilities. Those interested may register their application through here, or visit the resort's web site at www.kamalabay.com and click "new agent registration" link. The resort reserves the right to determine applicant eligibility.

About Kamala Bay Terrace Resort

Kamala Bay Terrace Resort sits on the shores of Phuket's most beautiful bay, Kamala Bay. There is extraordinary peace here. The surrounding hills seem to protect us from the outside world. The deluxe rooms and suites nestle in the gentle rise between the shore and the hillside. The Andaman Sea presents a wonderful collection of colours, from clear turquoise to deeper, mysterious hues of blue. All rooms have views of the sea and spacious balconies. For more information please visit our web site www.kamalabay.com