HPL Hotels & Resorts uses Pelican System to Improve Control Over Rates and Allotments

Oct 19 , 2004
HPL Hotels & Resorts (HPLHR), a Singapore-based hospitality management company and a wholly owned subsidiary of Singapore main-board listed Hotel Properties Limited (HPL), signs an agreement with Pelican System (Version 2.0) to implement their web-based reservation system to improve online control over rates and allotments.

In addition to the significant number of 'bookers vs. lookers', the RUSHreport also found that 30.8% of visitors complete reservations, while 34% seek information and 23% are simply comparing rates or doing research.

This agreement applies to all the 10 hotels and resorts managed by HPL Hotels & Resorts, which include the five Concorde Hotels - Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Shah Alam, Kuala Lumpur International Airport and Gold Coast; Hard Rock Hotels in Bali and Pattaya; and three boutique resorts - Casa del Mar - Langkawi, The Lakehouse - Cameron Highlands and Rihiveli Beach Resort - Maldives. The system is expected to go live on 16 September 2004.

"With Pelican System, it enables us to manage all our online bookings and rates distribution to all market segments from Internet users, travel agents to corporate clients. We would have better control over rates; ability to implement flexible rates structure through distribution of confidential rates and ad hoc promotional rates for different seasons and need periods of the hotels to travel agents and corporate clients. In addition, the system also allows our hotels to provide room allotments, with easy instant confirmation of every reservation, based on rate categories to achieve greater overall yield," said Edmund Nicholas, Vice President of Marketing for HPL Hotels & Resorts. Added Mr Nicholas, "Being extremely user friendly and providing greater distribution and geographical reach, Pelican will assist our hotels to increase the number of travel agents and corporate clients worldwide without the hassle of manual administration procedures, thus ensuring better customer service and satisfaction."

Pelican's flexible and secured reservation system allows all online users to make, change and cancel reservations instantly without hassle. Users can also make additional requests such as airport transfers, additional meals and other services, pertaining to the reservation online. Its custom-designed reservation pages feature also allows hotels to format pages to reflect the hotels' looks and feel and feature packages and promotional information in detail.

"We are confident with Pelican's advanced architecture program and database structure design to provide the flexibility to fulfill our hotels' differing needs and requirements. Thus, maximising hotels' sales and marketing efforts and effectiveness to achieve overall yield of hotels'

About HPL Hotels & Resorts

Headquartered in Singapore, HPL Hotels & Resorts is a hospitality management company, operated and wholly owned by a Singapore main-board listed, Hotel Properties Limited (HPL). Associated with some of the most prominent brands, HPL operates luxury resorts, business hotels, theme hotels and hotel apartments worldwide, offering distinct experiences ranging from lifestyle hotels to adventure and eco-tourism. Today, HPL Hotels & Resorts manages the activities of 10 hotels and resorts in Asia Pacific and the Indian Ocean, with a total of 2,920 rooms. These include Concorde Hotel Singapore, Concorde Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Concorde Hotel Shah Alam, Concorde Inn Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Concorde Hotel Gold Coast - Australia, Hard Rock Hotels in Bali - Indonesia and Pattaya - Thailand, Casa del Mar in Langkawi - Malaysia, The Lakehouse in Cameron Highlands - Malaysia, and Rihiveli Beach Resort in Maldives. For more information, visit www.hplhotels.com.