How Easy Does a Hotel Adjust Its Rates?

Feb 01, 2005
Many hoteliers nowadays are aware of the importance of setting room rates. Adjusting rates nowadays is not a matter of choice for the hotelier, but rather one of needs. Therefore, Pelican Room Reservation system designed a very user friendly yet sophisticated system that allows the hotelier to adjust room rates instantly.

In business, the ability to cope with sudden change or to seize the opportunity on a particular moment determines achievement. Hoteliers should notice and take immediate action towards events such as city festivals, exhibitions, and ceremonies. Likewise, when there is a sudden group cancellation, filling up the empty rooms could be easier when rates can be flexibly adjusted.

Rates can be adjusted as varied, when a hotelier wants to select types of rooms, occupancy, month, day, time and guest segmentation. To address these needs, Pelican system is replete with user-friendliest features, helping the hotelier to maximize its revenue. Pelican system starts with rate templates, so that hoteliers may fill them in based on room type, occupancy and period. As many rate templates as necessary can be created, and then with one click assigned to an appropriate rate category / tier level.

Another powerful feature from Pelican system is called Priority rate. Priority rate is used whenever an outstanding situation occurs, i.e. sudden group booking cancellation. A hotelier could use priority rates to overwrite all rates applied to all (Rate category / Rate tier level).

Pelican system is dedicated to bringing into the limelight for the Hospitality industry the ways information technology can maximize a hotelier's time management. Features developed by Pelican system not only bring flexibility in managing rates, but also reservations management, room distribution, e-mail marketing, productivity report and many others.