Pelican System Announces Distribution Partners

Jul 05, 2005
In the Internet's pioneer days, when it first announced itself to the industry with a roar, travel intermediaries picked up quickly on its potential, and were thus able to penetrate far ahead of hotels.Today, they steadily strengthen their position in the marketplace, and with serious efforts on marketing strategy, product and system development they have won the hearts of quite a number of online travelers. Hotels finally woke up to the challenge, and are attempting to catch up. Still, intermediaries continue to play an important role in driving online reservations.

Pelican System thus supports its clients, partnering three travel intermediaries focused on Asian destinations, with , , and . Hotels will be listed and awarded attractive exposure in the web world, with real-time reservations allowing sales to be immediately closed. In order to enhance booking, these websites offer valuable resources to travelers - such as maps, country data, visa requirements and other important information. ~ One-Stop Orient Travel Information. is doing its best to help travelers easily book hotel rooms worldwide, with online convenience. Additional information, such as maps, country and city information and much more is also available, facilitating traveler familiarity with the target destination. ~ Asia's Hotels at the Best Rates provides a full range of information required for economical, safe and comfortable travel through Asia. Hotel reservations have never been easier, as all resources are made available in a user-friendly manner. Updated Asia travel news, visa requirements, city and country maps are all maintained carefully. ~ Thailand Travel Information, Maps, Tourist Guide and Thailand Hotels offers a selection of hotels in Thailand's favorite destinations. Real-time reservations connect guests directly to a choice hotel. Pelican System affirms its sincere commitment to professionally support its clients. As a reservation software supplier, helping hotels maximize online revenue has been the ultimate goal. With a hotelier's enthusiasm driving users to embrace online bookings, the software provides greater value and high return on investment (ROI).