Pelican Reservation Management System Launches its Multilingual System

Jul 18, 2005
Pelican System announces the addition of 6 support languages, including Spanish, French, German, Korean, Chinese and Japanese. Language plays a significant issue in the hospitality industry.

Many hotels serve global markets where there is no guarantee that all can understand English. Mr. H. Liman, Director of Pelican System said, "Hotels that use Pelican system can now serve a broader global market in the most convenient language for local people. Our hotels in Thailand, for instance, will be able to capture the Spanish market, using their local language. We think globally, and act locally."

A multi-language potential in an online reservation system definitely enhances the online booker's experience. Having all instructions and error messages in their own language augments the user-friendly aspects of Pelican.

Mr. Edmund Nicholas, the Vice President - Marketing of HPL hotels & resorts comments, "We are pleased by the continuous development of Pelican system. The call for multiple-language is very relevant and timely, as we have also recently gone tri-lingual for our hotels’ websites. This is also beneficial to us as we are serving international travel agents, corporate clients and Internet users. We are also looking forward to the next development from Pelican".

"Technology never stops evolving. We are dedicated to bringing hospitality in a better future with the help of technology. Recognizing contemporary industry needs, Pelican System always moves dynamically, with yearly upgrades of the system. This multi-language feature is an addition to upcoming Pelican version 2.5, for the near future", adds Mr. H. Liman

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