D’MA Pavilion Bangkok Hotel is favored by Pelican System In Dealing with Travel Agents

Sept 13, 2005
D'MA Pavilion Hotel, a 4-star hotel in Bangkok, once again announces 'online contracting' capability for travel agents and corporate clients, as it renews its contract with Pelican System, developer of hotel reservation software.

A popular hotel, located right in the heart of Bangkok, D'MA Pavilion Hotel enjoys the advantages of 'online contracting' in dealing with great numbers of travel agents and corporate clients. Mr.Teerawat Kingkaewsopon, Director of Marketing, observes "Pelican System has introduced us to the concept of 'online contracting' in dealing with travel agents and corporate clients, in addition to managing reservations from Internet users efficiently. Switching from manual to online contracting has enabled us to maximize our appeal to travel agents and to corporate client portfolios."

In manual contracting, dealing with travel agents and corporate clients, a hotel had to manually maintain each individual contract, starting from negotiated rates, allotments and contract periods. On the other hand, with online contracting, a hotel can easily set rates and allotments in the system, at which point any approved travel agent will have access to view availability and make reservations right away.

Mr Liman, Director of Pelican System added, "There are many detailed benefits of online contracting that not everyone in the industry is aware of. One is that travel agents will benefit by online contracting in cutting through the maze of bureaucracy. The login and password that is issued by a hotel can be distributed to as many reservation staff as the travel agent decides. Every reservation staff member can thus view rates and availability, real-time. There's no need to await the announcement of any adjustments in rates from the supervisor. And, of course, no need to wait for reservation confirmation, as they are performing online reservations not reservation requests or so-called 'reservation form submission". Mr. Sanid Krachangthong, Marketing & Operations Manager of Sun Series Co., Ltd., a Bangkok-based travel agency and leading wholesaler for the Hong Kong Market, confirmed that "The online reservation system helps us a lot, as it saves time & money. IMPORTANT ADVANTAGES INCLUDE: 1) No need to call, fax, e-mail 2) Online reservation confirmation instantly available, along with amendments and cancellations. 3) Very easy to manage the reservation and arrival list 4) Most bookings sent are definitely confirmed".

"Then they will enjoy making reservations, modifications or cancellations of bookings live, online, with instant confirmation, at no cost and without any delays. A confirmation letter or e-mail for the customer, an invoice for the agent will generate from the system automatically at the same time. Most hotel room allocations are in the system - the last minute booker can especially get a room confirmation from the system" Mr. Teerawat assures us.

"We value our travel agents and corporate clients highly, and thus do not want to lose even one or give the impression we are ignoring them. Online contracting enables us to serve our clients equally. Upon approval, travel agents and corporate clients will be granted a login and password combination to have access to rates and allotment 24/7, and can make reservations with instant confirmation", adds Mr Teerawat. D'Ma Pavilion Hotel and Pelican System welcomes every travel agent and corporate client who would like to participate in 'online contracting'.

About D'MA Pavilion Hotel

D'MA Pavilion Hotel, Bangkok is situated in Bangkok's central business district, shopping areas, and the city's famous nightlife. It is also located near the expressway to and from the airport, with easy access to the Sky train and the railway station. The hotel offers a full range of facilities and deluxe accommodations, equipped with elegant, quality furnishings and a pleasant decor. The guest rooms are all equipped with a full range of amenities, and are ideal for the business or the leisure guest. Kindly click here to visit us www.dmahotel.com