Rate Management Efficiency for Hoteliers ~ Featuring ‘Rate Templates’ and ‘Rate Tiers’
Oct 05, 2005
Pelican System - the hotel software provider whose well-engineered system supports Hoteliers in optimizing room supply, at the right rate and to the right customer. Not as an ordinary 'reservation system'; or so called 'booking engine'; rather, Pelican System facilitates the most critical aspects of managing hotel room reservations.

In managing room-to-produce reservations, a hotelier has to determine the right price, aim at the right market and intuitively know how many buyers it should yield. This implies several different rates, based on each hotel's seasonal situation (New Years, Christmas, summer, etc), numerous markets (travel agents, corporate clients and direct customers), along with different allotments from time to time.

The 'Rate Template' feature from Pelican System allows the Hotelier to set unlimited templates into the system, templates that can be assigned in ONE click to desired market type rates. Rate templates help the Hotelier save time and reduce the factor of human error whenever inputting rates.

Different markets a hotel serves can actually be categorized, referred to as 'Rate Tiers' by Pelican. Rate tiers guide a Hotelier in segmenting the market more accurately, i.e. Tier 1 represents small-to-medium size travel agents, Tier 2 represents medium-to-large ones and Tier 3 represents oil & gas companies.

With rate templates and rate tier combinations, a Hotel can assign rates to every single market, regardless of its size and production (such as 'travel agents' and 'corporate clients'). A Login and password to access special 'Rate tiers' can be granted to travel agents and corporate clients, as well as the power to make/amend/cancel Real-Time reservations - which are instantly confirmed!

The Rate Template and Rate Tier concept may perhaps be judged a simple feature, but in fact these are the two small items that make a reservation system a whole, just as a human being without his two little toes is considered "handicapped" Pelican System has been able to design a system that precisely meets a Hotelier's needs, as it is backed by a solid team, thoroughly experienced in both Information Technology and the Hospitality Industry.

Pelican System will continue to introduce its advanced product features. Meanwhile, for any Hotelier who wishes a more detailed explanation, kindly click here