Reducing the Loss of Potential Booking ~ Featuring 'Insufficient Inventory Report'

Nov 16, 2005
Pelican System facilitates operations for a Hotelier tracking denied reservation requests due to shortages of room allotment in the system.

There is always the possibility of an excess demand situation in setting allotments. The System cannot process availability requests into online bookings; not many systems can supply reports on a particular event.

A Hotel might still have rooms available to cater to a particular request, and that is why it has to be able to keep track of such reservation requests and take immediate action to avoid further losing revenue.

This information should be treated as vital as knowing the actual reservation. Being able to identify potential customers searching for accommodation in your hotel will surely help the hotel make an early approach, urging the potential guest to stay in your establishment.

Pelican 'Insufficient Inventory' report covers details such as:

  • Ability to identify which client segment made the request (Travel agents, Corporate & General consumers)
  • For which date was the request made?
  • How many rooms were requested?
  • How many rooms in your inventory are actually left over?
  • How many did the hotel actually have in their system?

The Insufficient Inventory Report benefits hoteliers in many aspects, such as monitoring inventory allotment. Hoteliers who assign room inventory for a given period can easily monitor whether or not their allotment distribution is designed correctly.

Additionally, Insufficient Inventory Reports will indicate which names of travel agents or corporate clients requesting rooms for a specified date were turned down by the system, so the hotel sales manager might approach those particular customers for a further sales approach. If, for instance, on that particular date there are rooms available, the hotel manager might take immediate action to resolve the situation. Moreover, a hotel manager can minimize the possibility of losing revenue due to shortage inventory (a prevalent problem in today's hotel industry) as a room not sold today is an actual loss of revenue.

Pelican System not only provides a reservation system to manage reservations but also offers superior options to maximize revenue. Pelican System will continue to introduce its product features. Meanwhile, any Hotelier who wishes to pursue a complete explanation, kindly click here