Pelican Introduces Travel Agent Reservation System

Dec 12, 2005
Pelican - Hotel Reservation System, introduces its New Product Concept: Booking Engine, Central Reservation system, and Call Center Reservation System ~ delivering efficient reservation management into the limelight.

Pelican System believes reservation management to be a complex but essential task for all types of lodgings – from resorts, hotels, motels to inn guesthouse and many others. Thus, an optimal reservation system must be hospitality-customized, so that whatever strategic rate plan a hotel might formulate, it can be applied efficiently, resulting in profit maximization.

Along with the new website design (commonly conceived as a ‘business storefront’), Pelican boldly claims its distinction in providing the most hospitality-customized reservation management system. Pelican System products include:

Booking Engine
For those hotels wishing to cater online traveler booking through their own website, Pelican booking engine will help shape the website into a Revenue Center – turn VISITORS into BOOKERS.
  • No lead-time required for guest to check rates and availability, as all information is available, at any time, 24/7.
  • No phone calls, FAXes, or e-mail correspondence required to follow up reservation requests as guests can make/modify and cancel reservations online with INSTANT CONFIRMATION email generated by the system. Hotels can close sales immediately!!

To preview on Pelican Booking Engine feature, please click here

Central Reservation System (CRS)
This System is meant for hotels wishing to manage reservations: Not only from Internet Users, but also from Travel Agents and Corporate Clients. Rates and inventory strategic plans can be entered into the system and distributed to an unlimited number of travel agents and corporate clients.
  • No periodical paper contract needed as all rate and inventory data applied to the system, and the hotel's Travel Agents and Corporate Clients, can be granted access, to view and make / modify and cancel reservations any time. This results in diminishing of operational costs (FAXes and phone calls).
  • No time wasted in monitoring each market's specific productivity. With Pelican Comprehensive Reports, monitoring and evaluating market productivity is automatically streamlined.
  • Dynamically Sharing room allotments among all market segments. Pelican Dynamic allotment system will maximize hotel allotment distribution without any worry of over-booking!!

There are more features on Pelican CRS; please click here to learn more.

Call Center Reservation System
The system is capable of endorsing the Hotel Call Center Office, enabling individual hotels to handle reservation calls in one compact system. An independent call center can make use of the System, aside from hotel franchises / groups / management companies to centralize its reservations
  • Ability to list hotels by priority, to maximize revenue. For instance, hotels with special promotion offers may be listed on the top position.
  • Record any unsuccessful or incomplete sales reservation calls, for better monitoring and evaluation.
  • Customized access for each user, assigned according to user responsibility. The purpose of customizing user access is to have better control and security over the system. The System could, for instance, assign a user access to make reservations only to specified hotels and another user for the remainder of hotel units.

Call Center Reservation System has more features than those described above; kindly click here to learn more.