Guest Experience in Online Hotel Reservation

May 03 , 2006
Any booking engine incorporated into a hotel website should support the overall effort of the site to create a memorable guest experience. In fact, this is the most critical point of the online process, before the guest actually steps into the hotel.

Today, more and more hotels have become aware that their website can indeed become a revenue center. Instead of having it sitting there on the net, a booking engine (reservation system) is now installed in most hotel website. A convenient and efficient booking engine encouraging bookings should incorporate such features as multi-language access, user-friendliness, a clear navigation protocol and other basic necessities – all of which enhance the guest experience in making online reservations.

Pelican System ~ Hotel Reservation System offers with its Booking Engine with signature features – features to enrich the guest experience in making online reservations.

Promotional Items on Your Booking Page

In place of a simple “Search” box, a guest can access a hotel’s latest promotions and special packages.Never leave your guest saying “How come I never knew this hotel offers (this or that) when I stayed there?!”

Customized Room Reference

An enterprising hotel can showcase the unique features it offers its guests. That special “personalized service” touch allows a hotel to create options catering to specific guest preferences. For example, consider the pillow options that should be available – without the guest even being asked!! That is a powerful attraction indeed.

Allow Multiple Room Bookings with a Different Guest Name in Each Room

Bookings can be made for more than one room with different room types and occupancy. Different guest names can be filled in accordingly and a guest thus does not have to maintain several booking confirmations. Upon his or her arrival at the hotel, the check-in process will naturally be smoother and faster.

Hotel Map and Directions on Email Confirmation

On every email confirmation, the guest will receive a printable hotel map and directions on how to get there.

Many more booking engine features from Pelican System are designed to provide that “exceptional guest experience”. Build your guest’s experience – from the pre-purchase stage – not after purchase!

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About Pelican System
Pelican System is an internet-based central hotel reservation system with software designed for hotels to manage online reservations (whether made directly by guests or through travel agents and corporate clients).

Pelican System - Hotel reservation System - offers a wide range of generic products, such as a booking engine/reservation system for your website, a central reservation system and call center reservation system, all featuring customized upgrading and optional features to specially meet each hotel’s needs and requirements. 

A booking engine/reservation system and central reservation system is primarily useful for accommodating online reservations through a hotel’s own website. Thus, a hotel’s website becomes the gateway to hotel property and an investment in creating brand awareness – part of a powerful emerging e-commerce strategy. It thus manifests as an additional aspect of a reservation system investment: it will transform your website into a revenue center, at a minimal distribution cost. Directing all your affiliate travel agents and corporate clients to create their bookings from your website will definitely bring better traffic to your hotel website. 

Call Center Reservation System - enabling hotels to accommodate offline reservations while pulling all incoming inquiry calls to a call center office and having integrated consistent information on rates, availability, packages of all hotel members. Hotel that has multiple call center offices in different countries or cities creates a powerful strategy to attain reservation/booking queries; what’s more, having a revolutionary call center reservation system that steadily delivers consistent and accurate information is a must.