Pelican System Launches GDS/IDS Solution
•· June 09 , 2006
Pelican System – Hotel Reservation Management System offers its newly-launched GDS/IDS* solution.

Pelican System, commencing with Central Reservation Systems, allows hotel to control rates, allotments and online reservations for three major markets: travel agents, corporate clients, and Internet users. Further, Call Center Reservation System to secure telephone reservations from the same three major markets, and to date, enhanced with GDS/IDS connectivity.

GDS/IDS connectivity has long existed, as a tool significantly extending hotel online distribution channels to thousand of travel agencies. Pelican GDS/IDS solution is connected to major players comprising GDS providers including Galileo, Sabre, Amadeus, and WorldSpan. Incorporating this into the system is part of its continuous commitment to the hotel industry for rate and allotment management – leading to revenue maximization.

Rates and allotment distribution can be assigned, updated and monitored throughout all channels in a very convenient way, without maintaining multiple systems – but ONE. Seamless connectivity delivers smooth rate and allotment management and time efficiency.

*GDS = Global Distribution System, IDS = Internet distribution System

About Pelican System

Pelican System is an internet-based central hotel reservation system with software designed for hotels to manage online reservations (by end-customers, travel agencies and corporate clients).

Through its ongoing investment commitment, including B2B Reservation System, Call Center Reservation System and GDS/IDS Connectivity, Pelican System’s online reservation system provides improved time and cost efficiency and a user-friendly approach.